The Monster gloves are part of the urban collection. They are good-quality 4SR perforated summer ladies gloves.

4SR Monster Lady Gloves:

  • Leather gloves made of goatskin
  • Ergonomic shape of the fingers ensures better comfort for your hands
  • Reinforced palm
  • Knuckle protectors
  • Laser made decoration

M, S

Size Matrix

S16,5 cm
M18 cm
L19,5 cm
XL21 cm

Care Guide

  • Dry and ventilate your gloves after every ride
  • Gently remove dirt and insects promptly using a soft sponge and warm soapy water
  • Dry your gloves away from heat sources and in a ventilated place
  • Treat your leather gloves with leather balm every 3-4 months
  • Store flat
4SR Monster Ladies Gloves

$99.99 incl GST

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