Vespa Adjusting Screw brake cable (rear) M7 mm for 125 GT / ​GTR / ​Super / ​TS / ​150 / ​GL / ​Sprint / ​V / ​GS160 / ​SS180 /​ Rally /​PX.

  • Also clutch / ​brake for Vespa V50 PK
  • Without nut.

The clutch, gears and brakes found on most vintage geared Vespa and Lambretta scooters are operated by control cables leading from the steering assembly. Due to the frame design with engines mounted at the rear, this inevitably makes these items quite long. To ensure complete control they should be in perfect working order!

The length of control cables can vary once they have settled following initial use. These factors affect the mechanical play at the handlebar levers and foot pedal, which control the essential function of the clutch and brakes. To counter this adjuster screws are located at the component-end of these cables, allowing convenient adjustment of their operative length.

Over time these adjustment screws also wear, break, corrode or are damaged by contamination or mechanical wear and tear. Whatever the damage, they all require immediate replacement making it again possible to perfectly set up the control cables, this not only increases safety, but also restores full control over the operation and functions of the scooter.

Fitment Guide

Model / manufacturerccTypeEngineYear of constructionAddition
LML Star 125 2T/ DLX / Via Toscana / Deluxe1252T AC
LML Star 125 4T / Deluxe 125 4S / Speedy / Stella1254T AC
LML Star 125 4T Automatica/ Deluxe/ II CVT/Stella Automatic1254T AC
LML Star 150 2T / DLX / Via Toscana / Star / Stella / Belladonna RV1502T AC
LML Star 150 4T / Deluxe 150 4S / Speedy / Stella1504T AC
LML Star 200 4T/ Deluxe 4S2004T AC2012
MOTOVESPA 125 N125VT2T AC1959not in series
MOTOVESPA 125 S125VTT2T AC1959not in series
MOTOVESPA 150 GS15004C2T AC1967not in series
MOTOVESPA 150 GS15004C2T AC1967
MOTOVESPA 150 S150VTT2T AC1962not in series
MOTOVESPA 150 S150V13502C2T AC1964
MOTOVESPA 150 S150V13502C2T AC1964not in series
MOTOVESPA 150 Sprint15004C2T AC1966
MOTOVESPA 150 Sprint15004C2T AC1966not in series
MOTOVESPA 160 / GT16009C2T AC’68
MOTOVESPA 160 / GT16009C2T AC’68not in series
VESPA 50 R50V5A1T2T AC’69-’83922305 ->
VESPA 50 Revival50V5R1T2T AC’90-
VESPA 50 S50V5SA1T2T AC’63-’8489172 ->
VESPA 50 Special50V5B3T2T AC’75-’83306418 ->
VESPA 100 (UK) / 100 Sport (US)100V9B1T2T AC’78-’9011223 ->
VESPA 125 (T1/125) (D)125VNA1-22T AC’57-’59
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D)125VNB1-62T AC’59-’65
VESPA 125125V1-15T2T AC’48-’50
VESPA 125125V30-332T AC’51-’53
VESPA 125125VM1-2T2T AC’52-’54
VESPA 125125VN1-2T2T AC’54-’57-> VN1T 06000
VESPA 125125VN1-2T2T AC’54-’57VN2T
VESPA 125125VN1-2T2T AC’54-’57VN1T 06001 ->
VESPA 125125VNT1-22T AC’60-’62
VESPA 125 GT / 125 Sprint125VNL1-22T AC’61-’73
VESPA 125 GTR125VNL2T2T AC’68-’78
VESPA 125 Primavera125VMA2T2T AC’67-’830199799 ->
VESPA 125 Primavera ET3125VMB1T2T AC’76-’9076046 ->
VESPA 125 Super125VNC1T2T AC’65-’6912396->
VESPA 125 Super125VNC1T2T AC’65-’69
VESPA 125 TS125VNL3T2T AC’75-’78
VESPA 150 (T1/150) (D)150VL1T2T AC’55
VESPA 150 (T2/150) (D)150VD1T2T AC’56
VESPA 150 (T3/150) (D)150VD2T2T AC’57-’59
VESPA 150 (T4/150) (D)150VGLA-B2T AC’59-’65VGLA1M 019284 ->
VESPA 150150VL1-3T2T AC’54-’57
VESPA 150150VB1T2T AC’57-’58
VESPA 150150VBA1T2T AC’58-’6097500 ->
VESPA 150150VBB1-22T AC’60-’67
VESPA 150 GL150VLA1T2T AC’62-’64
VESPA 150 GL Touring (DK)150VGLA-B2T AC’57-’58
VESPA 150 GS (D)150VDTS2T AC’56-’65
VESPA 150 GS150VS1-5T2T AC’55-’61
VESPA 150 Sprint150VLB1T2T AC’65-’74
VESPA 150 Sprint150VLB1T2T AC’65-’7430879 ->
VESPA 150 Sprint Veloce150VLB1T2T AC’69-’79
VESPA 150 Super150VBC1T2T AC’65-’79
VESPA 150 Super150VBC1T2T AC’65-’7923877 ->
VESPA 160 GS (GS4) (D)160VSB1-2T2T AC’62-’64
VESPA 180 Rally180VSD1T2T AC’68-’73
VESPA 180 SS Super Sport180VSC1T2T AC’64-’68
VESPA 200 Rally200VSE1T2T AC’72-’79
VESPA ACMA 1251252T AC’51-’58model 52 11311->35610
VESPA ACMA 1251252T AC’51-’58model 53 35611->70190
VESPA ACMA 1251252T AC’51-’58model 50 1111->3310
VESPA ACMA 1251252T AC’51-’58model 54 70191->118119
VESPA ACMA 1251252T AC’51-’58model 51 3311->11310
VESPA ACMA 1251252T AC’51-’58model 55-57 165101->270613
VESPA ACMA 150 GL150VGL1T2T AC’56-’58
VESPA Hoffmann A/B1252T AC’50-’53
VESPA Hoffmann C1252T AC’54
VESPA Modell “U”125VU1T2T AC’53
VESPA P125X125VNX1T2T AC’77-’8277543 ->
VESPA P125X125VNX1T2T AC’77-’82
VESPA P150 S150VBX1T2T AC’78-’90
VESPA P150 S150VBX1T2T AC’78-’9055205 ->
VESPA P150X / PX150 E150VLX1T2T AC’78-’85139228 ->
VESPA P150X / PX150 E150VLX1T2T AC’78-’85
VESPA P200E / PX200 E200VSX1T2T AC’77-’8337723 ->
VESPA P200E / PX200 E200VSX1T2T AC’77-’83
VESPA P200E / PX200 E200VSX1T2T AC’77-’8380306 -> (S)
VESPA P80 / P80 E (Frankreich)80V8A1T2T AC’80-’84
VESPA P80X/PX80 E80V8X1T2T AC’81-’83
VESPA PK 5050V5X1T2T AC’82-’84
VESPA PK 50 S / Elestart50V5X2T2T AC’82-’84
VESPA PK 50 S Lusso / Elestart50V5X2T2T AC’85-’88
VESPA PK 50 SS / Elestart50V5S1T2T AC’83-’86
VESPA PK 50 XL / Elestart50V5X3T2T AC’85-’90
VESPA PK 50 XL HP50V5N2T2T AC’91-’91
VESPA PK 50 XL Rush / Elestart50V5X4T2T AC’88-’90
VESPA PK 50 XL2 / Elestart50V5X3T2T AC’90-
VESPA PK 50 XLS50V5S22T AC’86-
VESPA PK 80 S / Elestart80V8X5T2T AC’82-’86
VESPA PK 80 S Lusso / Elestart80V8X5T2T AC’85-’88
VESPA PK100 S / Elestart100V9X1T2T AC’82-’84
VESPA PK100 XL100V9X2T2T AC’86-’90
VESPA PK125125VMX1T2T AC’82-’85
VESPA PK125 ETS / Elestart125VMS1T2T AC’84-’85
VESPA PK125 N NUOVO (FL)125VMX7T2T AC’90-’91
VESPA PK125 S / Elestart125VMX5T2T AC’82-’84
VESPA PK125 XL / Elestart125VMX6T2T AC’86-’90
VESPA PK125 XL Plurimatic / Elestart125VVM1T2T AC’87-’90
VESPA PK125 XL2125VMX6T2T AC’90-
VESPA PX 80 E Lusso/ EFL/ Arcobaleno / Elestart80V8X1T2T AC’83-’90
VESPA PX100 E100VIX1T2T AC’83-’84
VESPA PX125 2011/ 30 Jahre125ZAPM741002T AC’11-
VESPA PX125 CAT125ZAPM501002T AC’07-
VESPA PX125 E125VNX1T2T AC’81-’83
VESPA PX125 E ’98 / Millenium125VNX2T2T AC’98-’05
VESPA PX125 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart125VNX2T2T AC’83-’97
VESPA PX150 2011150ZAPM742002T AC’11-
VESPA PX150 E ’98 / Millenium150VLX1T2T AC’98-’05
VESPA PX150 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart150VLX1T2T AC’83-’97
VESPA PX200 E ’98 / Millenium200VSX1T2T AC’98-’05
VESPA PX200 E Lusso/ EFL/ Arcobaleno / Elestart200VSX1T2T AC’83-’97
VESPA T5 / Elestart125VNX5T2T AC’85-’90
VESPA T5 Classic125VNX5T2T AC’92-’95


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