Float Needle Dellorto Ø 4,5 mm for SI 20.15 – 26.26D/​E/​G/​PHB carburetor

  • 3.7 x 3.7mm

The float needle is a component that cannot be underestimated as it forms the binding link between the fuel tank and the carburetor. If the needle is worn out or damaged the connection becomes leaky. The carburetor then fills up uncontrollably with petrol, overflows and the scooter may have problems firing. Every large scale service includes replacing the float needle and floater.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): B04559 (MALOSSI) 247652 – 085290 (PIAGGIO) 0455900 05 (DELLORTO) 00412321 (INNOCENTI) (DRT)
Weight.01 kg

Product Fitment Guide

Model / manufacturerccTypeEngineYear of constructionAdditional
LAMBRETTA DL/ GP 12512522/12T AC1969-1971
LAMBRETTA DL/ GP 15015022/02T AC1969-1971
LAMBRETTA DL/ GP 20020022/22T AC1969-1971
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 3125125LI32T AC1961-1967
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 4125125LI42T AC
LAMBRETTA LI 125 SERVETA125125LI2T AC1961-1965
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Special Serie 3/LiS125125LIS2T AC1965-1969
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Serie 3150150LI32T AC1962-1967
LAMBRETTA LI 150 SERVETA150150LI2T AC1960-1965
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Special Serie 3/ LiS150150LIS2T AC1963-1966
LAMBRETTA SX 150 Serie 3/ X 150 Special150150SX2T AC1966-1969
LAMBRETTA SX 200 Serie 3/ X 200 Special200200SX2T AC1966-1969
LAMBRETTA TV 175 Serie 3175175TV32T AC1962-1965
LAMBRETTA TV 175 SERVETA175175TV2T AC1963-1965
LAMBRETTA TV 200 Serie 3200TV32T AC1963-1965
LML Star 125 2T/ DLX / Via Toscana / Deluxe1252T AC
LML Star 150 2T / DLX / Via Toscana / Star / Stella / Belladonna RV1502T AC
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D)125VNB1-62T AC’59-’65with choke
VESPA 125 GT / 125 Sprint125VNL1-22T AC’61-’73VNL1T (CH) (F)
VESPA 125 GT / 125 Sprint125VNL1-22T AC’61-’73VNL2T 25785 -> (CH) (F)
VESPA 125 GT / 125 Sprint125VNL1-22T AC’61-’73
VESPA 125 GT / 125 Sprint125VNL1-22T AC’61-’73VNL2T -> 25784 (CH) (F)
VESPA 125 GTR125VNL2T2T AC’68-’78
VESPA 125 S125VNS1-62T AC’59-’65
VESPA 125 Super125VNC1T2T AC’65-’69
VESPA 125 TS125VNL3T2T AC’75-’78
VESPA 150 (T4/150) (D)150VGLA-B2T AC’59-’65with choke
VESPA 150150VBA1T2T AC’58-’60with choke
VESPA 150150VBB1-22T AC’60-’67with choke
VESPA 150 GL150VLA1T2T AC’62-’64
VESPA 150 Sprint150VLB1T2T AC’65-’74
VESPA 150 Sprint Veloce150VLB1T2T AC’69-’79
VESPA 150 Super150VBC1T2T AC’65-’79
VESPA 180 Rally180VSD1T2T AC’68-’73
VESPA 200 Rally200VSE1T2T AC’72-’79w/o separate lubrication
VESPA 200 Rally200VSE1T2T AC’72-’79with separate lubrication
VESPA P125X125VNX1T2T AC’77-’82
VESPA P150 S150VBX1T2T AC’78-’90
VESPA P150X / PX150 E150VLX1T2T AC’78-’85
VESPA P200E / PX200 E200VSX1T2T AC’77-’83
VESPA P200E / PX200 E200VSX1T2T AC’77-’83with separate lubrication
VESPA P80 / P80 E (Frankreich)80V8A1T2T AC’80-’84
VESPA P80X/PX80 E80V8X1T2T AC’81-’83
VESPA PX 80 E Lusso/ EFL/ Arcobaleno / Elestart80V8X1T2T AC’83-’90
VESPA PX100 E100VIX1T2T AC’83-’84
VESPA PX125 2011/ 30 Jahre125ZAPM741002T AC’11-
VESPA PX125 CAT125ZAPM501002T AC’07-
VESPA PX125 E125VNX1T2T AC’81-’83
VESPA PX125 E ’98 / Millenium125VNX2T2T AC’98-’05
VESPA PX125 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart125VNX2T2T AC’83-’97
VESPA PX150 2011150ZAPM742002T AC’11-
VESPA PX150 E ’98 / Millenium150VLX1T2T AC’98-’05
VESPA PX150 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart150VLX1T2T AC’83-’97
VESPA PX200 E ’98 / Millenium200VSX1T2T AC’98-’05
VESPA PX200 E Lusso/ EFL/ Arcobaleno / Elestart200VSX1T2T AC’83-’97with separate lubrication
VESPA PX200 E Lusso/ EFL/ Arcobaleno / Elestart200VSX1T2T AC’83-’97w/o separate lubrication
VESPA T5 / Elestart125VNX5T2T AC’85-’90
VESPA T5 Classic125VNX5T2T AC’92-’95


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