Racing Exhaust “Vintage” Replica for Vespa 125 VNA-TS / ​150 VBA-Sprint / ​PX80-150 / ​PE / ​Lusso

Fits wide tyre
Do to the double-end tube the carrying of the spare wheel under the left side pod is not possible.

An extremely attractive accessory.

Ken Cobbing, the reknown English manufacturer of Vespa and Lambretta accessories, produced sport exhaust systems during the sixties. Their very distinct form was exemplified though thick chromed exhaust pipes and a round exhaust chamber, usually painted in red, black or gold.
This exhaust is an attractive Replica, which matches the original exhaust in appearance and performance. It’s sound is a pleasant sporty throb. Although the “Vintage” Replica is a race exhaust, it doesn’t increase performance.

Racing exhaust system / steel construction, black coated, stainless steel polished.
Steel, black coated, stainless, polished, nice looking 60s retro look exhaust system, deeper exhaust note.
This exhaust pipe allows the use of larger tyre sizes and main stand. Spare wheel use only possible with the single end-tube version.
Carburetor jetting and ignition timing should be checked and/or altered as necessary.

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