Rubber sleeve for rear brake cable for Vespa VNA/​VNB/​GT/​GTR/​Super/​TS/​150 VBA/​VBB/​GL/​Sprint/​V/​Super/​T4/​ GS160/​SS180/​Rally

  • Lenght 70 mm

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 57321 – 057321 (PIAGGIO) G1105 (Mauro Pascoli)

Weight.005 kg

Product Fitment Guide

Model / manufacturerccTypeEngineYear of constructionAdditional
MOTOVESPA 160 / GT16009C2T AC’68
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D)125VNB1-62T AC’59-’65VNB3T 083325-> VNB6T
VESPA 125 GT / 125 Sprint125VNL1-22T AC’61-’73
VESPA 125 GTR125VNL2T2T AC’68-’78
VESPA 125 Super125VNC1T2T AC’65-’69
VESPA 125 TS125VNL3T2T AC’75-’78
VESPA 150150VBA1T2T AC’58-’60not in series
VESPA 150150VBB1-22T AC’60-’67126335 ->
VESPA 150 GL150VLA1T2T AC’62-’64
VESPA 150 Sprint150VLB1T2T AC’65-’74
VESPA 150 Sprint Veloce150VLB1T2T AC’69-’79
VESPA 150 Super150VBC1T2T AC’65-’79
VESPA 160 GS (GS4) (D)160VSB1-2T2T AC’62-’64
VESPA 180 Rally180VSD1T2T AC’68-’73
VESPA 180 SS Super Sport180VSC1T2T AC’64-’68
VESPA 200 Rally200VSE1T2T AC’72-’79


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