Vespa PX (-1984), VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB, GL150 (VLA1T), Super, Sprint150 (VLB1T), GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T), TS125 (VNL3T), Rally180 (VSD1T)

  • Steel
  • Primed
  • 7.45 litre
  • Without oil pump

NOTE: We always recommend a thorough cleaning and the use of a high quality fuel filter for new and newly painted tanks.

PX Lusso and PX Zwitter models (1983-1984) whose side pods are closed with levers under the seat can only use this tank with modifications. To do this, simply file the missing recesses for the levers out of the tank’s sheet metal collar. This will not affect the tightness of the tank.

Weight1.6 kg

Fitment Guide - Vespa

Model / ProducerccTypeEngineYear of ConstructionAddition
VESPA 125 (T1/125) (D)125VNA1-22T AC’57-’59
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D)125VNB1-62T AC’59-’65
VESPA 150150VBA1T2T AC’58-’60
VESPA 150150VBB1-22T AC’60-’67VBB1T


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Vespa Fuel Tank 125 VNA/​VNB/​150 VBA/​VBB Vespa Fuel Tank

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